2014...Get At It

Inspired by The Southern Disposition, I am going to resolve to work on one area a month.

Each month I will look at one area. I did this years back with Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project . Each month you focus on one area of your life that you want to see changes, more happy, and then the subsequent months you just continue to move forward all the while being kind to yourself in the process.

So, for 2014, I will work on the following each month and if I lose direction I can snap back to this list!

January: Gather all photographs, art and images from the duplex and organize into categories by year and person. Compose books.

February: Reduce clothes in closet by half. Clear clutter from laundry room.

March: Select healthcare option, organize personal documents, schedule a checkup for everyone.

April: A month without purchasing

May: Read a novel

June: Eat cool two nights a week (no oven/stove/microwave)

July: Kitchen Clean-out

August: Post 15 books to

September: Plan a 3 month menu rotation and purge the kids clothes

October: Purge Inbox and Unsubscribe

November: Spend a weekend in Cecilia visiting. Go to the camp. Share more time with others.

December: Give myself the gift of yoga. Deepen my practice with a studio class each week.

This year, I aim to have a truer yoga practice
This year, I aim to be a more attentive parent
This year, I aim to be less plugged in and more present
This year, I aim to love and let be
This year, I aim to enjoy and celebrate
This year, I aim to do good
This year, I am to make a difference
This year, I aim for handstand to pincha

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