Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family, food, laughter and a little "Me" time, all good for the soul...

To my joy and surprise I was home and making dinner on Monday night. It was amazing to sit down and eat a delicious, Louisiana meal at home with my loved ones. I've replaced my prescription inhalant with Olbas oil and am loving it! A little night time laughter is really good for the soul.

GF Gumbo, gf baguette, coleslaw (the Southern salad).

Olbas oil and my Soul School wrist mala.

Bai and K!

It was that funny. 

Dat Soul School Life....

I am so grateful for my soul school experience. It is truly an adventure into my own soul! I am loving it! This past weekend I had several AHA moments. 
1. No matter how much I will it to be quicker, Nola is a set distance from Baton Rouge and if I just fall into the flow the travel is much smoother.
2. If we listen to our inner Shaman and allow our mind to move out of the way, our heart and soul will guide us to the right place. 
3. Sometimes we are the friend that lifts, but many times we are being lifted. I am grateful to be surrounded by so much support (and especially those that physically lift me up into handstands and such). You all rock.
4. I may be 33 (gasp) but I can still learn new things with a childlike energy I never had as a child. I.e, it's not too late for anyone!
5. As much as I thought this journey was only mine and only experienced by me, it was revealed this weekend in so many ways that I am not alone, ever. And I am overflowing with love at this revelation.
6. When we least expect it the right answer will come and Saraswati will flow through us with such grace that we are even surprised at our own eloquence. 

Girls Raised in the South, Grits

The New Orleans Healing Center. Rich indeed.

Post-yoga, post-food, rooftop high 
I ate a lot of grits this weekend.


Mini break...

K and I headed to Nola the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a little Soul School action. I met up with Andie and some other Soul Schoolers at the Downtown studio for a nice flow with Andra. We worked on dropbacks, jumps and flowing with ease. After, K and I walked to Satsuma only to discover they were out of gf bread; so, we stopped in Lost Love and had some amazing bun and spring rolls with mint limeade. Oh yea, it is that good! After we strolled through the Bywater, we headed out of town and stopped at TJ Maxx and got our shopping on and then passed through Cafe Du Monde for a frozen treat. 

So thankful...

I wake with gratitude, walk with gratitude, and rest with gratitude. So immensely grateful for this wonderful life. At times I feel overwhelmed and in those moments when I lose the connection to gratitude I start to struggle. I am grateful for my family and the richness they bring to my life. 

Post- turkey napping

Oh yea, I made all that food!
The beautiful Bai before youth group.

A little toe stand for turkey day.