Monday, January 27, 2014

THURSDAY! Holla at ya girl!

VDay Rehearsals started yesterday. The performance is April 3rd; so, plenty of time to perfect my monologue, or at best speak without stumbling.

I am amazed that today is Thursday. Some weeks just stumble (tumble) along and then it is the weekend. Other weeks seem lengthy and tiresome and then there are weeks where it is evident you've worked and been struggled or been pushed but in the end it is a good week. Also good to note this week, the CSA pickups are now on Thursday nights which is quite fabulous.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Thanks to Peyton Fisher for an amazing basics workshop on Sunday. I left totally blissed out and got my happy back. Sounds silly and simple, but sometimes the truth truly is just like that, I got my happy back in that room on my lovely purple mat. I got my happy back while sweating with strangers who instantly became dear friends. I got my happy back when I took the mask off, let go of the pressure and allowed "me" to show up. The spark that was missing in me was ignited and I can feel a new heat within myself. I didn't effortlessly fall into any one pose or perfect my ujjayi breathing; but I did have the moment, the quiet peace of knowing that all I need and will ever need is within me and I am where I am, now. Namaste

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Thursday....where's the champagne?

Is it Champagne Thursday or just Thursday or is it a fucking Thursday? Hmmm, can it just be a bit of it all?

Today thus far:
Woke approximately on time in chipper mood (check)
Ate breakfast (check)
Did not lose temper (check, check)
Made it to parent-teacher conference on time (check)
Listened and was attentive during conference (double check)
Was courteous to other drivers on freeway (check)
Blog entry (check, check)

Things are looking good. Onward and upward. Ce la vie. Carpe deim!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Fact

Right up there with:
"are we out of bananas"
"I need a juice"
"gosh, I really need to work on my down dog"
"why don't I have white tees"
"man, I need to register Bai for gym"
"did bash order the wiper part"
"did I kiss K before I left, like right before or just before I went to the kitchen"
"what's for dinner"
"ooh, a PO I forgot"

"wonder how long it will take me to effortlessly push from pincha to handstand"
"are there new updates on Netflix"
"I need to get with dad on GKT"

"sitting on a beach, staring at the sea and listening to the rush and whoo of the water and feeling the wisp of the sand brushing my legs, pushing my hair back and feeling salt and sand and the immense texture that is created I can feel my heart smiling, my entire being relaxing as I sit back and allow the universe to envelop me with a hug that I cannot deny is much needed"

Blah...just give me some more Emergen-C

Oh, but wait...there are no boxes at the store. I am grateful that after 3 attempts, I found some Emergen-C at Rite-Aid, my last stop before home last night. About to down some more of those powerful little packets now with hopes of annihilating this bug in me. Perhaps the prescription I need at this very moment is a week on a quiet beach in a home with a lovely deck for lounging and soaking up salty air and sunshine.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small things...

Friday I came home from work and was a little surprised to see one toothbrush. I am not sure what I expected. I knew K was leaving for the night/weekend and of course that means packing the toothbrush, but the sight of my lone brush startled me. This happened at Thanksgiving and I brushed it off as me: overreacting, too sensitive, neurotic,etc. But truth is, I just am growing accustom to there being two brushes and I like it better that way. It's the small things that make life worth it.

Cold Brew DIY: hassle or happy?

Do you love coffee? I do! I do! I do! Although, coffee doesn't always love me. Cold brewing reduces the acidity in coffee and yields a hearty concentrate for use in mixing with cream, milk, etc. or if you are pretty hardcore, straight with no mixer.

As a surprise, I sent K this cool coffee tasting kit from Etsy. Drift Away Coffee roasts beans to order and puts these awesome little kits together! I am sucker for cute! Combine cute and coffee, I am so there.

Drift Away Taste Sampler

Find a glass jar and pick your roast

Look at these gorgeous beans! And they smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Coarse grind(gravel size) we don't have a grinder but the Nutribullet worked awesomely 

Gather your water and freshly ground beans. I used 1/3 cup of grinds and 1 1/2 cups water

Pour the coffee in a mason jar

Add your water

Stir the mixture with a wooden or plastic spoon (I used a chopstick, just be sure to NOT use metal)

After stirring, coffee is blooming

Screw on the top and place on the counter for 8-24 hours

And just like that cold brew.... you aren't finished yet....
Once you follow all the steps detailed above, you let the coffee rest overnight. When you are ready to strain your brew, prepare your strainer, stir your mixture and gently pour through your strainer. The concentrate this amount yields will make about 4 tall iced coffees. The recipe easily doubles, triples, etc. You can even use more grind if you want a stronger concentrate.


Definitely a happy, no hassle

Let Dove tell you what to do....

Seriously, some of the best moments are directed by Dove. I especially love the dark chocolate with almonds (the promises, of course). I love that for a brief moment (although you are thigh expanding) you allow yourself to stop, be absorbed in the moment, savor (the chocolate), and smile. And, I will  still be your friend if you knock out the whole bag. I'll even be here when you want to go for a walk.

No matter where you are, you can start now....

So often we think: if I make it to this, if I acquire that, if there were more hours and more money...I'd be... But the truth is you can start wherever you are with whatever you have. Smile. The next person you encounter, look into their eyes and greet them. Thank them. You'll be amazed at the response within yourself.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year: The magic of a new year and what the future holds...

In true fashion, I started a new diary. Not intentionally, I am reading Mad About a Boy , and then yesterday UPS shows up with a package from MTS and inside, a new diary for me. Though, it is intended for work/shipping record use, I decided, that I will try and Bridget Jones it and get the hogwash, fantasy and daily scroll from my mind onto the pages in quick whit style. We shall see how it turns out. I must say, I do not recall a time when I was this happy, perhaps ever. I am happy on the inside which somehow makes me think that I am glowing. Is it weird to run a test and ask people if I have a glow? Perhaps that will just illicit talk and intrigue of a pregnancy, that I am not. Maybe it is love. Maybe it is so many facets of life that are merging and I am at a happy age. Are some ages happier than others? Maybe Mercury or Venus, not sure which it should be, is in the right orbit or phase or whatnot. Whatever it is, today and lately, I am happy. I feel like I am working towards something bigger, and that feels great. Oddly, the something bigger isn't so defined, but that is okay.

This year, I aim to have a truer yoga practice.
This year, I aim to be a more attentive parent.
This year, I aim to be less plugged in and more present.
This year, I am to love and let be.
This year, I aim to enjoy and celebrate.
This year, I aim to do good.
This year, I aim to make a difference.
This year, I aim for handstand to pincha.

The sun is shining, it is a wonderful day. Go out and make someone smile.
photo credit: Esmeralda B

It's not all about the money
Make it about joy              

Ani, Farmers and Zeeland

Thanks to my darling, we had a wonderful time listening to Ani at the Varsity on Friday night. Well, I had a wonderful time and I think in part of my good time, she had a good time. I am very grateful to K for this night out because it isn't her thing. She did it just for me and that is kind of super awesome. Bonus on the night, I ran into Lacey G! So awesome! It's actually been 2 years since I saw her, crazy! We also ate at Waka, which unfortunately for me will likely be my last time eating there. There's too much gluten in restaurant Japanese. But even with all of that, I had a wonderful night. And Ani sang/played 32 Flavors in the encore, so that upped my happy. 

The next morning, rested and realizing just how much we are not the going out type, we dressed and headed to the market to grab our CSA box, filled with awesome greens, carrots, turnips, etc! Then, the piece de Resistance: Zeeland for breakfast. Hashbrown omelet, grits and hash. Yes, please.

<-----farm to table(counter) juice time

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Events of Christmas Week

 Life comes at you fast. Well, it seems that way at times and then other moments linger and you aren't sure why. One of the best things I love about life is the ability of food to bring people together. In times of joy and heartache, food can be the saving grace. This Christmas my brother and father sat next to one another, hugs and smiles all around while Ayanami and Sebastian looked on and I was filled with such a rush of gratitude I had to catch myself from crying. I also was so excited to try a new pie recipe, which of course did not turn out properly and was actually inedible. But ce la vie.

On Christmas Eve, Sebastian and I went to Lafayette to say goodbye to Pa. The decision was made early afternoon to turn off life support. It was a heartbreaking holiday for us. However, there came a moment when the sadness turned to gratitude as we started celebrating his life.

We planned to surprise my mom on Christmas day. After the events of Christmas Eve and the services that were to follow later in the week, I choose to drive Sebastian to Oklahoma City, stay one day, and drive back to Cecilia. It was actually a great ride with Bash. I loved having time with him and have missed our dinners and such. He is a wonderful boy.

Well, what a surprise it was for Mom. I really think she never imagined us to ever popup. And I was so grateful that the temperature wasn't too frigid.

We visited and then all settled into to bed. The next day we went to Sam's and a thrift store and just hung out around the house. I found a vintage Pyrex box that belonged to Mrs Kimball so I am grateful to be the proud owner of that piece now.

 I missed K dearly while I was away and was eager to see her smiling face. I drove straight to Cecilia on Friday, changed my clothes and then dad picked me up for the wake. I saw Chloe right away and was so happy to see her face.

Later that evening, Dad and I went to Scott to get Bailey. I was so happy to have her back and cuddle her. The services were beautifully sad and heartbreaking but after, there was laughter and joy as old stories were recounted and Popeyes chicken showed up at Ma's.

 Bailey and I left in the afternoon and headed to BR to pick up Ayanami and go to the house for the night. I wanted to see K and sleep in our bed. It was so great to be home for the night. The next day, the girls and I left late morning and headed to Oklahoma City. We took our time on the way there. Stopping to see a few things and eat some delicious bar-b-que at Texas' Best in Tyler.

We watched the temp drop steadily as we traveled on the highway. And when we reached Oklahoma, it was cold! Like, knock your socks off, wear some mittens and have hot cocoa cold. The girls shrilled and squeaked as we stopped for a touristy photo at the largest land-based US casino! Good times.

When we arrived in Oklahoma City, more surprises and smiles and tears from Mom when she realized we had Ayanami with us. Nice gift for all. Lovely cousin bonding time too, although, I think it is known now that Bash does not like you to recite the entire movie while sitting next to him.

<---------------I kept missing this lovely lady!

For our day in Oklahoma, we visited the science museum and had so much fun! It is an awesome place, equally fun for adults as is for kids!

We headed back home on New Year's Eve and made excellent timing. The ride was lovely as the kids slept or watched a movie much of the ride.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Anatomy of a Man

There are people who love their lives and cultivate the very life they want, my grandfather Pa, George Taylor, was one of those people. I think it is an amazing quality to reflect on one's life and immediately have no regrets. I remember a conversation between my grandparents in which my Ma was asking Pa what he would change if he could redo life so to speak. He said nothing. He truly had things the way he wanted. It wasn't a life that came on a silver platter. If I learned one thing from my grandfather, it is to work with pride and work. He loved to gamble, the horse races, Milwaukee Best, the Marines, being a pharmacist and my grandmother and in these last years, he enjoyed football with zeal. He was a driven man. His greatest success, our family, and we are ever so grateful.

George Taylor 1931-2013

The family requests that visiting hours be observed at the funeral home from 12:00 pm until 9:00 pm on Friday and continue at 8:00 am until 9:30 am on Saturday. A rosary will be recited by Fr. Francis Miller at 7:00 pm on Friday.

Fr. Gary Schexnayder and Deacon Ken Soignier will officiate at the Funeral Service. Readers will be Rachelle Landry and Charles Taylor. Gift Bearers will be Alisha Berard, Erin Berard, Lauren Landry, Kyli Romero and Sarah Stoute. Interment will follow at St. Joseph Cemetery in Cecilia.

George passed away with his family at his side after a two week battle with various illnesses associated with pneumonia. He will be laid to rest on his 82nd birthday.

During George's life, he was a member of Knights of Columbus, St. Joseph Church Council, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Quarter Horse Association. George served the people of Cecilia as a pharmacist until he was 70 years old. He received his gold certificate as a registered pharmacist for 50 years of service. The most common remark the family hears is, "George was the best pharmacist and friend we ever had." 

He is survived by his wife, Mary Joyce Marks Taylor of Arnaudville; his son, George Keith Taylor of Baton Rouge; his daughters, Karla (Kenneth) Marks of Cecilia, Shari Huval of Somerville, MA, Mona "Sukie" (Jim) Russo of Abbeville, Angie (Danny) Stoute of Poche Bridge, and Faye (Jerry) Degetaire of Cecilia; his brothers, Ray (Lilly) Taylor of Morrow, LA, Steven (Viola) Taylor of Sunset, Charles (Jean) Taylor of Cecilia, and Ben Taylor (Earline) of Arnaudville; his sisters, Beatrice Kidder of Arnaudville, Betty Richard of Orange, TX, Sybil (Don) Kidder of Port Arthur, TX, and Rosie (Norris) Young of Baton Rouge; twenty grandchildren; nineteen great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Welzie and Anna Schexnayder Taylor; his two sisters, Gladys Donaldson and her husband "Shorty" and Lucille Knott and her husband, Darius; and his brothers-in-law, Lloyd Richard and Percy Kidder.

Pallbearers will be Foster Monteleon, Grant Degetaire, Joseph Stoute, Seth Stoute, Jon Jon Romero, and Joey Landry.

Honorary pallbearers will be Keith Taylor and Jake Stoute.

Special thanks to Dr. Ed Lyons, the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and the caregivers who were heaven sent to help the family during George's illness. Special thanks also to his lifelong friends who filled his life with parties, card games, meals, laughs, travels, and loyalty.