Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Events of Christmas Week

 Life comes at you fast. Well, it seems that way at times and then other moments linger and you aren't sure why. One of the best things I love about life is the ability of food to bring people together. In times of joy and heartache, food can be the saving grace. This Christmas my brother and father sat next to one another, hugs and smiles all around while Ayanami and Sebastian looked on and I was filled with such a rush of gratitude I had to catch myself from crying. I also was so excited to try a new pie recipe, which of course did not turn out properly and was actually inedible. But ce la vie.

On Christmas Eve, Sebastian and I went to Lafayette to say goodbye to Pa. The decision was made early afternoon to turn off life support. It was a heartbreaking holiday for us. However, there came a moment when the sadness turned to gratitude as we started celebrating his life.

We planned to surprise my mom on Christmas day. After the events of Christmas Eve and the services that were to follow later in the week, I choose to drive Sebastian to Oklahoma City, stay one day, and drive back to Cecilia. It was actually a great ride with Bash. I loved having time with him and have missed our dinners and such. He is a wonderful boy.

Well, what a surprise it was for Mom. I really think she never imagined us to ever popup. And I was so grateful that the temperature wasn't too frigid.

We visited and then all settled into to bed. The next day we went to Sam's and a thrift store and just hung out around the house. I found a vintage Pyrex box that belonged to Mrs Kimball so I am grateful to be the proud owner of that piece now.

 I missed K dearly while I was away and was eager to see her smiling face. I drove straight to Cecilia on Friday, changed my clothes and then dad picked me up for the wake. I saw Chloe right away and was so happy to see her face.

Later that evening, Dad and I went to Scott to get Bailey. I was so happy to have her back and cuddle her. The services were beautifully sad and heartbreaking but after, there was laughter and joy as old stories were recounted and Popeyes chicken showed up at Ma's.

 Bailey and I left in the afternoon and headed to BR to pick up Ayanami and go to the house for the night. I wanted to see K and sleep in our bed. It was so great to be home for the night. The next day, the girls and I left late morning and headed to Oklahoma City. We took our time on the way there. Stopping to see a few things and eat some delicious bar-b-que at Texas' Best in Tyler.

We watched the temp drop steadily as we traveled on the highway. And when we reached Oklahoma, it was cold! Like, knock your socks off, wear some mittens and have hot cocoa cold. The girls shrilled and squeaked as we stopped for a touristy photo at the largest land-based US casino! Good times.

When we arrived in Oklahoma City, more surprises and smiles and tears from Mom when she realized we had Ayanami with us. Nice gift for all. Lovely cousin bonding time too, although, I think it is known now that Bash does not like you to recite the entire movie while sitting next to him.

<---------------I kept missing this lovely lady!

For our day in Oklahoma, we visited the science museum and had so much fun! It is an awesome place, equally fun for adults as is for kids!

We headed back home on New Year's Eve and made excellent timing. The ride was lovely as the kids slept or watched a movie much of the ride.

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