Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year: The magic of a new year and what the future holds...

In true fashion, I started a new diary. Not intentionally, I am reading Mad About a Boy , and then yesterday UPS shows up with a package from MTS and inside, a new diary for me. Though, it is intended for work/shipping record use, I decided, that I will try and Bridget Jones it and get the hogwash, fantasy and daily scroll from my mind onto the pages in quick whit style. We shall see how it turns out. I must say, I do not recall a time when I was this happy, perhaps ever. I am happy on the inside which somehow makes me think that I am glowing. Is it weird to run a test and ask people if I have a glow? Perhaps that will just illicit talk and intrigue of a pregnancy, that I am not. Maybe it is love. Maybe it is so many facets of life that are merging and I am at a happy age. Are some ages happier than others? Maybe Mercury or Venus, not sure which it should be, is in the right orbit or phase or whatnot. Whatever it is, today and lately, I am happy. I feel like I am working towards something bigger, and that feels great. Oddly, the something bigger isn't so defined, but that is okay.

This year, I aim to have a truer yoga practice.
This year, I aim to be a more attentive parent.
This year, I aim to be less plugged in and more present.
This year, I am to love and let be.
This year, I aim to enjoy and celebrate.
This year, I aim to do good.
This year, I aim to make a difference.
This year, I aim for handstand to pincha.

The sun is shining, it is a wonderful day. Go out and make someone smile.
photo credit: Esmeralda B

It's not all about the money
Make it about joy              

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