Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Fact

Right up there with:
"are we out of bananas"
"I need a juice"
"gosh, I really need to work on my down dog"
"why don't I have white tees"
"man, I need to register Bai for gym"
"did bash order the wiper part"
"did I kiss K before I left, like right before or just before I went to the kitchen"
"what's for dinner"
"ooh, a PO I forgot"

"wonder how long it will take me to effortlessly push from pincha to handstand"
"are there new updates on Netflix"
"I need to get with dad on GKT"

"sitting on a beach, staring at the sea and listening to the rush and whoo of the water and feeling the wisp of the sand brushing my legs, pushing my hair back and feeling salt and sand and the immense texture that is created I can feel my heart smiling, my entire being relaxing as I sit back and allow the universe to envelop me with a hug that I cannot deny is much needed"

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