Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The brave, the bold and the just plain insane....

Crazy thoughts on this Wednesday. Thoughts like: "hey self, let's quit sugar" followed by, "hey self, let's quit coffee" and "hey self, let's get up before 6 regularly with a smile" and more insanity along those lines. Perhaps I'm at my tipping point. The point where I can only go up or down and the pivotal moment where I make a decision for myself to be the very best awesome me I can be. To be. To be free. 

Last night driving home from the office, I found myself grasping for the next line of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance audiobook I am currently obsessed with and at the same time I was fighting back tears. And then I decided why fight them, let the tears flow and allow my body, heart and mind to cleanse and empty and make new. The tears were attached to so much but in short, the end of an era. And the beautiful beginning of all that is new. All that is before me yet to be discovered, observed and loved. Just permitting myself the ability to embrace these feelings is huge and evokes a different tear. Tears of gratitude, joy and triumph. I'm completely and utterly enamored and in love with my life. I'm surrounded every moment by beauty and abundance. 

So, that's where the stepping up my life game comes into play and instantly isn't so insane. 

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