Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Get At It Update: May- Read a Novel

I loved May and am happy to report I successfully completed my "Read a Novel" task!!

I read the Namesake, Yoga Mala and I think something else but am having a memory moment where I am unable to recall....hmmmm, oh yea, The Fault in Our Stars (teen lit but still counts, and it was good).

Never fear, I am still reading and read Saltwater Buddha last week for my birthday! And started Bitter is the New Black and also The Science of Yoga.

I am madly in love with books all over again and currently obsessed with anything yoga, Buddhism, zen, surfing or paleo/primal/cooking stuffs!

Now it is June, approximately 90 degrees, I have a 17 year old (gasp!) and an 11 year old (double gasp!) and Kathleen and I are settling into this cohabitation thing (smile), I am eliminating the clutter in my life (it's terrifying and wonderful), and I spend my days loving where I am and embracing samsara. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I dream of surfing and the inner workings of my soul are elated with the joy of a 5 year old waiting for Christmas morning and I have Sept 10th circled on my calendar. What's that day you may ask? It will be my first meeting for Soul School and I am stoked!

Spread some joy, make someone smile today, make yourself laugh and look up!

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