Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's Celebrate America but let's not forget everyone else...

This Friday, July 4th, celebrate America and celebrate life. Celebrate your freedoms and meditate on freedom for all. Higher freedom. Inner freedom. Freedom from needing and freedom from struggle. Be free this Friday and everyday. Free from attachment and pain. Free from all that you know and don't know. Be free to be authentically you! Be free to love because you are love not because you are missing something or filling a void or being what you should be. This fourth of July stop shoulding all over yourself and let the sun shine in your face or the rain fall on your head. Experience, feel, trust, love, just be you. #onemerica #onelove #starsandstripes #thankasoldier #redwhiteblue #peaceandfireworks #merica #america #ourmerica

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