Friday, November 15, 2013

A blog by any other name....well, is taken

Let me explain...
1. you want to write a blog
2. it isn't 2005
3. oh, you think after all this time, the exact address you want will be available for free

What do you do when you aren't sure where your life is going? Write about it, of course! Maybe, you have the life you dreamed of, write about  it. Maybe, you are sure that your life is going somewhere and you are terrified, write about it. Maybe you just tripped and it is a colossal, giant, ugly, nasty tumble, write about it. Maybe you had a baby! In that case, I will write about how grateful I am that it was you (and I will bring a dinner over)!

BUT before one can do this and put their inner thoughts, voices, demons and grand plans onto the interweb for the whole world (and possibly other galaxies) to read, criticize and use for their own sheer pleasure, you must have an address. Seems simple enough. It almost isn't. The idea you think you have, is already taken and check out their blog. It is snazzy. Maybe, you feel a little defeated. In that case, don't click on their youtube channel. NEVER FEAR, you have some techy friend. Text them now! NOW!

They will likely reply:
Techy friend: you're starting a blog?!?
You: yes, I mean when you say it that way it seems so 2005! (pang of embarrasment)
Techy friend: no, no it is great! I'll read it :)
You: well, i have to start first
Techy friend: what's the address
You: sigh, idk
Techy friend: louisianagirl
You: it's taken by someone bitch probably doesn't even live in Louisiana!
Techy friend: lol, you can buy .net
You: spend money?! umm
Techy friend: try the official louisiana girl
You: seems too arrogant, even for a blog
Techy friend: Louisiana girl on the Edge, Louisiana girl plus kids, louisiana mom?
You: no
Techy friend: the louisiana girl
You: how about louisianagirlsays?
Techy friend: are you deciding now?
You: yes
Techy friend: I'd read either. Get them both

See, it wasn't so painful.

And thus, a blog is born.

louisiana girl

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