Sunday, November 24, 2013

Failing? Find good food, FAST....

 Last month, I had this grand idea, a vision even, an epic plan to truly follow through with NANOWRIMO once and for all! That, albeit, this year I will complete it! I even told myself that if I get the word count and it makes zero literary sense, then all is good. I still win. But, like each time I've tried this feat, I did not succeed. I think I am my own worst enemy. I know that my time is very restricted and then the free time I have I kind of want to be able to go thrifting or make something or cook a new recipe I am modifying, so I end up neglecting the laptop and not writing. But maybe, I didn't actually fail this year. Maybe, in some small way I am winning (insert Charlie Sheen voice). Because this year, I failed at nanowrimo but I started this little gem :) I created this from the ruins of failed writing. Now, that is something....

It is a little hard to believe it is November 24th! A month away from Christmas, a month and a week away from 2014! That is cray! I look out my living room window and it is so fall! It's lovely! And today it is cold! Super Louisiana cold! I am loving every minute of it! I am all bundled up in a sweatshirt, leggings, sweater boots and I have an afghan on my lap under this warm laptop :) I also have a pot of Thai tea concentrate simmering on the stop so it smells pretty amazing in here. You can find a most excellent recipe at White on Rice . It's super easy and making it at home is so much more economical, plus your place will smell incredible! And to top of this moment, I am watching Love Actually! So, kind of wonderful!

 So, let's see....I am off of work this week! I have quite an impressive to-do list in mind, but I am not certain that i will accomplish it! And I am kind of okay with that! Most of the list involves cleaning....

But as for this weekend! Friday was rather busy at work and I think I got most everything situated for this week off. If not, I will still be connected and able to work on things. But Friday night, I made the lovely dish in the upper left corner, roasted spaghetti squash with Italian sausage and beef pasta sauce, topped with shredded cheese...nom nom nom.

I love a Saturday that isn't booked! One that allows me to do something I want. It is such a lovely concept and sometimes it happens, like yesterday. Started off the morning with some yoga, then the farmers' market downtown to pick up my $20 in free veggies for signing up for the Winter CSA :) We racked up greens! So many! And then off to the thrift store on Highland to check it out and we found cool dishes, a soft serve maker, and a polaroid flash for a land camera! And then, Zealand for breakfast!!! Then Nadeau furniture, Trader Joes, Sam's, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods and then Latte e Miele! Then home to wash all the greens and dishes, put everything away, organize, make buffalo chicken and clean up!

Along with dinner, I cooked up some fresh kale with applewood smoked bacon. I am kind of obsessed with bacon at this moment. This particular bacon from Whole Foods. Applewood smoked, the thick cut from the butcher. It is quite fabulous in any dish. I am convinced it will be amazing in cupcakes.

I love that we had such an action-packed day and were able to get so much accomplished! It is a great thing to actually get stuff done and enjoy it. It's been so long since K and I were able to have a whole day together and I just loved every moment of it.

I love the way the house feels these days. Things are coming along so well with organizing and rearranging. It is super nice. I even made a wreath for the door! Watch out Martha Stewart.

Louisiana Girl

<------this is the bacon. You should go buy some.

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