Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ambitious turkeys, sweets and now...sleigh bells?

Just turn on some jazz and all will be okay. That seems to be my mantra these days. And also, breathe. I find that I remind myself to breathe lately. Not as in a oh dumb blonde moment, clearly, since my hair isn't blonde anymore and with that change alone my IQ increased. But with a oh fuck, is this really happening, yikes ok, just breathe kind of breathing. Things seem to happen quicker, does that mean I am getting older? Seems like my little boy was just little and now, he is quite big. And I grew that. And the cute, spicy, sassy little miss is well all those things and bigger and louder and the cuteness is a different level now. And I am as I type this wearing a blazer with shoulder pads. Throwback 80's moment happening now! Did I mention said 80's blazer was like $3 bucks, so score for the trendy mama.

Thanksgiving Recap:
pretty much sums it up... Joy.

I had an ambitious list of items to create:
Cheeseball (didn't make but I bought the ingredients)
GF Cornbread dressing- made and delicious
Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Coconut Flour - made with coconut sugar instead and delish!
Pralines- made and amazing
GF Brownies- made and consumed with delight
Pumpkin pie smoothie for K- not made
Pumpkin and Vanilla donuts- not made
Chocolate nutmeg donuts with chocolate glaze- MADE AND AMAZING when dunked in coffee!

Wrestling tournaments are not for the faint at heart. You must first, have some sitting strength and some power to not let the stench get to you. Packing hundreds of teen boys into a gym, encouraging them to wear sweats all day and then compete in the conquering act known as wrestling, is maybe considered by some insanity, is called sport.
<----I love that these tough boys just fall right asleep next to their moms. love

Bash did really well in this tournament, despite the awful weather outside.

All in all, it was a great week. Lots of work, lots of family, lots of food and a whole lot of fun. I still can't believe it is almost 2014. Seems kind of crazy. She --------------->  is so big!

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