Thursday, December 5, 2013

King Khaliq, I am honored...

Sometimes the universe puts an amazing connection in our life and then, there is an alternate force that changes the composition and said connection is transported 100s if not, 1000s of miles away to a new, improved life. Sometimes when this happens, the connection is severed, lost or just vanishes....But other times, the bond is so strong that mountains move and the heavens open and a quick reunion has you feeling like you never parted and you are up to speed on the most important details of life....And so, my visit to meet King Khaliq. Precious Khaliq was born in January in cold Cincinnati, and the crazy workerbee that I am did not make it up there to meet him. Lucky for me, his mama and daddy still feel the pull of Nola and like to come home. I am most grateful because I was able to meet him for a lovely afternoon at Audubon Zoo and some sweet time at Sucre. I also popped in the antiques mall on Magazine to get my vintage glass fix. Did I mention that I am even more in love with this little guy than ever before? He is such a joy!

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