Friday, December 6, 2013


Flashback to 1990! I loved some TGIF! The shows and Mr Gatti's pizza. Sleepovers with friends, staying up until all hours of the night and eat rice krispy treats out the bowl before they cool. (that is kind of still amazing!)

Lowdown on the weekend:
noon- dentist
2pm- back to work to finish docs
3pm- cookies due for bake sale
6pm- Festival of Lights (unless canceled due to weather)
9pm- make food for wrestling tournament

7am- wrestling tournament begins (send food for hospitality room)
8am- pick up CSA box at Farmer's Market
9am- bowling tournament
1pm- wrestling tournament
6pm- dinner
7pm- work on cell project (Bai)

8am- laundry/clean/grocery
1pm- Massages (2)
3pm- Magnolia Mound (Bai singing)
6pm- finish cell project

Umm and I would like to have some mat time and some K time in there too :)

RIP Nelson Mandela, thank you for spreading so much peace, love and knowledge across this universe. We honor you.

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