Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life tastes better dipped in chocolate...

Not that I ever met anyone who didn't agree, life tastes better dipped in chocolate. Kind of like adding "in bed" after every fortune you read from a cookie. Just makes it better. Sometimes, I try my best to dip my entire day in chocolate. The discarded crumbled wrappings of Chocolove, Ghiradelli, Dove, or even the ever faithful bag of M&Ms, are proof of my hard efforts. There are people that do not like chocolate...I am usually not friends with those people long. No, you need to be able to put down some dark chocolate to hang in my hood. 

I love German milk chocolate too! Martina knows that I love this milk chocolate bar with a cookie in it or the one with cornflakes and sweet sticky stuff. She hefted a rather large bar across the ocean for me last year and I am still grateful (I shamelessly ate that bar before her visit was over). And as one of her gifts last year, I gave her a gigantic Reese's cup! See, love is spoken in chocolate.

Last night, we needed a little extra love (who doesn't) so Kathleen picked up items on the way home and we made some dipped deliciousness. Don't be fooled, the krispy treats are homemade and she purchased brown rice, vegan cereal! Never fear, I fixed them with 8 tbsp of brown butter! and some sea salt! You know you want one now! (I may just sneak off to the kitchen to get myself one).

Yesterday marked the end of an era, the start of a new beginning, an exciting transition in our lives. Bailey and I attended Immersion Excursion at BRFLAIM for the last time! We had a fun time , once we got there- the meltdown in the car over dividing decimals is a post on its own. She raced around the school, solving clues to lead us to the next classroom in the maze. We visited the book fair and agreed on a book and pencil accessories. And her pizza order was misplaced; but, she won a plant! So, now we have poinsettia to kick off our holiday atmosphere. I was so happy to be able to see her and have time with her. She is shooting up like a beanstalk and my little girl is becoming a tween and before long a teen. She is capable of conquering all that she sets her mind on. I love that crazy girl.

<----------Look how big they are!!! I grew that!

Today's Smoothie (oh, so delicious)
Diced mangoes and pineapples
Handful of baby spinach
Handful of cashews (roasted not salted)
Half a banana
Shot of Almond Milk

Believe me, it is fabulous!

<-------serious face there.

Thanks to Bai for snapping away as I was throwing some random yoga into dinner preparations. I get in where I fit in.

Louisiana Girl

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