Monday, November 18, 2013

Cupcakes and Yoga (how to win me over)

I am easy to please. It really just takes a little spoiling or for quick pleasure: art, cotton candy or cupcakes! This quite possibly was the most pleasurable weekend on record in forever a long while (forever is a bit extreme). Why so pleasurable? Get your mind out of the gutter. It was so pleasurable because I had it all! And with the lovely Kathleen to boot!

Surround a person with great food and sunshine and you will be amazed at the smiles. Friday was a bit rusty (I burned a loaf of bread) but I did get a really delicious dinner (pulled pork!) Saturday, oh how lovely it was.  Woke quickly (no showers). headed off to some yard sales and I found a Polaroid camera!!! Kathleen haggled the guy down to $1. That's right. Now I just need to shell out some major dough for film and see if it works. Then, off for coffee and browsing of housewares and other lovely things couples do. Then more thrifting and then after visiting Honeymoon Bungalow and coveting a few overpriced items, we headed to Time Warp to covet even more overpriced items (see the pattern). Then! Stopping in at the Pop Shop, Kathleen listened to the band and I sat outside to enjoy the lovely day and behold! I was given cotton candy <3 Cotton candy can make anyone feel like a kid again. Did I mention it was delicious.

If that isn't enough awesomeness for one day, let me kick it up a notch. Can you say cupcakes? Can you say, incredible gluten free, eat three, chocolate cupcakes? I can. And I did. We picked up a mix and violia! Delish! There are none left. (My pants are a bit snug today too).

Sunday, I immediately hit the yoga mat upon waking and it was pretty awesome. Then, a walk to clear my head, prepare for the week and the day's work. After massaging, I went to my client's greenhouse and she gave me 3 (THREE!) plants! I am so excited, as the original 2 she gave me are still living! Everyone came home safe and sound. All the laundry is clean and put away! Lights are on, water is running. Life is good.

"Taking time to live live will only inspire your work"
That was the plan. And I think I picked up a little inspiration. I certainly filled my cup with joy.

Louisiana Girl