Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oil, Interviews, Views and Tattoos

There's no denying the great view one has while sitting on the second floor of the new main library along the windows. It's, dare I say, magical. Ethereal. Peaceful. Encouraging. Vast. Hopeful. And in it's simplicity, beautiful. The chairs are quite cozy as well. I am fond of my little area where I started setting up camp little over a week ago. So fond that the other day I was a bit appalled that no one saved me a spot at a table nor offered to share their space and I was forced to find refuge on the far left side where it is nosier. Hmpf! I thought. How dare them! However, it is clear that it is public and they do not know me as I do not know them and it wasn't intentional, except that one woman...just kidding. It did make me think though. I tend to get a bit aggressive and protective. Maybe I need to step back and realize that just like at the library and in yoga class, the space is for everyone and living in the moment and present and without attachment is the best way to escape the "mine trap".

This morning I went to the oil lease with Dad and we walked through the whole procedure. I hope I can keep that going. I am not confident in my gauges lately. I will know tomorrow if they are on point and will address it with him again at that time.

I had an interview with ACI and was really impressed with their company and model. It was a great meeting and hopefully the results with be equally great.

And as for the tattoos part of the title, I am really feeling an upward and onward arrows tattoo at this moment...we shall see.

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