Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine, won't you be mine? And much more happenings....

It's Valentine's Day, the sun is out, the weather is nearly perfect temp (shorts/pants/light jacket/short sleeves= it all works)and love is in the air. So many people wearing red, purple and pink. Makes you just want to smile and have some cupcakes and boxes of chocolate and sit cozy-ied up with your darling one and watch Season 2 of House of Cards. Why? Because, why not! Are you to have me believe that you aren't at all interested? Tsk. Tsk.

f you are unaware that it is Love Day, you can quickly send a virtual hug/kiss/smile with It's fun to receive too. 

In other news, life is moving forward. Onward and upward are the theme. I am using trickery to succeed. Tricking myself that things are going to improve quickly and I will be back on my way to the top or at least a midpoint. I am even sporting some new yoga capris for inspiration to keep my fitness up.

But my mind is at tug-a-war and I keep dipping into a funk and then reminding myself to smile and get on with it. I am grateful to everyone that is assisting in my search for employment and confident I will find something.

My next goal, clean the house, de-clutter, organize. I want to throw some things on Craigslist and downsize. I do want to think about getting an armoire once I am back and running (income and physically).

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