Monday, February 17, 2014

When it pertains to coffee, the glass is usually half empty...

Staples of the unemployed. #firstworldproblems 
Laptop, paper, pen, water and coffee, always coffee
If I am at a computer and not watching Netflix, it is likely that I have paper and pen, coffee and water next to me. Like if I go camping, I will bring mosquito repellent, water and a tent. Today's survival items are a bit more techy. We need wifi, cell phones with long batt life and coffee. Copious amounts of coffee. The funny thing about being unemployed is you look at your cup of coffee differently. Suddenly, instant coffee with it's lack-less luster and institution quality actually becomes a staple in your kitchen. $5 lattes are a thing of the past. And good riddance. I like my money in my pocket where I can count it. Every penny counts these days, or every dollar for that matter. Not sure what you can get with pennies these days, unless you have a pickup truck full of them. Daily Yoga quotes is one of my favorite apps and it always is so perfect and poignant. Taking what comes teaches us to be present.
This Daily Yoga thought says it all

Martina sent me some pictures over the weekend and I was thrilled to discover that she and Falco found an Alina's cafe while on their weekend getaway (how European! minibreaks, Americans should follow suit). I love the glimpses of Germany and abroad that she sends to me. Thank goodness for Whatsapp for making global communication amazing.

Sebastian, my dear, played in a concert on Saturday. It was beautiful (like usual). The children are so talented that it floors me every time. He is growing so fast. Becoming a young man before my eyes. I love him dearly and know he will do great things.

And also this weekend, I spent time with my dad and enjoyed a bit of sunshine in the process. Thank goodness. The gray days were starting to get to me.

Sunday, I made a crock meal. What the crock! Potato Soup and Sunday Ribs. Lovely and delicious and the house smelled yummy all day.

Martina found this cafe on weekend getaway! How fun! I want to go!

"You make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you"

LYO Second Block Concert 2014

Finally! The sun arrives!

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