Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank you for firing Me!...Necessary Endings...Mandela's Way...Battleship to the Clouds

What if being fired is the best thing to happen? I firmly believe that you are where you are when you need to be as part of the great masterplan of the universe, but in the same respect, you are also not where you shouldn't be. Make sense? As I sit this morning at a table near a floor to ceiling window in the new library, I am reminded of being six and sitting in my treehouse in our backyard on Leone Street. I am indoors; but, the sight of the tree branches at eye level and cars passing in the distance takes me back to those wood walls and bare floors, the cutouts for windows and the imagination, dream and drive that was the essence of my treehouse. As I allow this memory to flood over me, I remember my dog Sam. Which makes me smirk in realization that maybe I do like animals. That little girl in me is just hurting from the loss of her pet all those years ago. I can see Jennifer's pool and roof and I know which window is hers. I can see Mom and Pop's home and the garden. But as I sit in my grownup version of the treehouse, I look off and see hope. Visible hope. I see the hope of this city. The building, remodeling, demolition and expansion of this land I am on and this new table and chair I sit at. The progression of our community is visible in the children's art exhibit downstairs. The beauty of a child's masterpiece is unparalleled. So, as I embark on this new chapter, this career change in my thirties, this new time in life; I do so with hope and optimism and yes, a little fear and a great stack of books.

This game seemed more entertaining as a kid.

Fries make great fired food.

Last winter 2013 CSA box 

Sewing 101- Bailey made a chip bag #youtubeprojects

Current Obsession- House of Cards

Because every Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day!

Everyone needs a treat sometimes

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