Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's been too long...and it is cold again...

Seriously, it's been too long. But thankfully the sun has surfaced and is shining! Yay!

February TasteGuru box arrived over the weekend! Yay! So much fun opening and seeing what I get to try this month (okay, what we get to try)! I decided to try the popcorn kernel centers Friday night and think cornnuts with less flavor but fun to eat. I opted for the Pad Thai Vegan cup for lunch on Monday. The Dr McDougall's cup was super easy to prepare and actually tasted really good. Think, cup o noodles. 

I also made these slamming chocolate chip cookies! Possibly the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie yet! I altered the recipe a bit to make it without the gluten and cut the sugar from the original recipe and replaced it with coconut sugar and some raw brown sugar. Also used the vanilla bean paste in place of extract. You will not believe how much better the paste is until you use it and then you will never thing of extract the same again. You will only have room for paste in your heart and cupboard. If you don't know what I am talking about or want to get some, stroll on over to Sur la table and pick up a jar (or google works too).

Career update:

I want to find a job so I can rationalize splurging on some boiled crawfish! How Louisiana is that?!

In all seriousness....I had a great interview series yesterday. I do feel like things are happening but I am acutely aware that I need to remain open and patient. So, this is me being patient. Blogging, yogaing, netflixing, baking, chatting, reading, studying, and you get the picture. 

K and I are also back on our juicing regimen. Life is better when you juice. So #juicemesomething
Liver fat melting concoction 

I have accomplished some rather productive things around the house in my downtime. I reorganized the craft closet, I am working on our master closet, and I have cleared the laundry room by about 72%. I also rearranged the living room furniture, revamped my massage website and am on the brink of mastering "what the crock enchiladas". And I went a little more effortlessly into handstand today. Not too shabby. 

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