Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oh my geez....

Today is Ash Wednesday, day after Mardi Gras (coldest on record) and the start of lent, 40 days leading to Easter; but also, it is another day I am unemployed. It is a really hard thing to say. To verbalize, let alone type because when it is in print, it is real. It is there for the duration. Only deleting it will vanish it from record but my brain already has it on record so in an attempt to free my brain, free me, I write it. We shall see how that fares.

Let's skim over this whole unemployed thing for a moment and talk about the past four days or so for a few moments.

Pyook Berard, the man behind the fiddle (and his true love, the guitar)
June 26, 1960 - February 26, 2014  
"A simple and humble man, Pyook was an award-winning world-renowned musician. He was a gift to his culture, never boasting of himself and always complimenting and encouraging other musicians, even hosting his “Fiddle Camp” to share techniques with other aspiring musicians, young and old." ~ Pellerin Obituary I will always remember Pyook's music and the kindness that he exuded.

On Saturday I attended Pyook's services with my Dad. It was a lovely mass and the turnout was incredible. Musicians from all over came out to share and celebrate his life with Mrs. Karleen and his daughters. It was a beautiful day. He was a wonderful man and seems like he was taken way too soon but the greatness of Pyook was that he lived ever day like he was dying and to the fullest and made everyone he encountered feel human and special. May he rest in peace and may his music continue to make hearts sing. 

Fordoche with dad
Prior to the weekend, I picked Bailey up in carpool and we headed to Sweet Frog for a little frozen treat before stopping at the grocery store. It was really lovely having a bit of time with her and just relaxing. 

The mango is the best

She had a little fun

Homework time
 Although my days are not rigorous and directed by work, I kind of think that unemployment is the thing I needed. Sure, I want a job, need a job, thrive on work and am applying my little heart out; but, the scaling back, the clearing and the cutting down is pretty nice right now and I am learning that life is more than a 9-5.
When the scale comes out, magic happens
One magical thing about the unemployed is that you can bake and cook and yoga during the day! How badass is that!? Super badass in my opinion. Just like this bread was the next day converted to french toast topped with Belgium dark chocolate sauce and strawberries.

Chocolate Chip Yogurt Bread
 And you can also make amazing things like these super chocolately, fudgy, delicious brownies. Look at the comment! Made me feel so proud. Okay, maybe I am a bit smug when it comes to brownies. But we are talking about brownies. Brownies need more love in this world. They are amazing squarish pieces of heaven and hold so much chocolately passion and hope in each bite.
The best damn brownies EVER
Being stuck in traffic puts random things in your view, like this billboard for an additional ounce of beer in the new cans.  
Interesting billboard placement at the tracks. 

When I got back on Saturday, K and I headed downtown and walked around viewing the aftermath of Spanishtown Parade. We hung out around the Capital and enjoyed the view. 
The next day we headed out to enjoy the weather and find some boiled crawfish. Tony's had the best price around and the drive out was worth it. Quite delicious :)
Oh yea, it's that good

Bai sent me a pic from the parade
 We opted out of Mardi Gras to stay in where it was somewhat warm and brew up a delicious gumbo, gooey cookie bars, tackle laundry and watch Season 5 of Parenthood (okay, not the whole season but I did give it a good effort)

Ooey, gooey yummy cookie bars

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