Wednesday, March 19, 2014


What the flip just happened?! How does one go from a seemingly mundane yet joyful conversation to the birds and the bees? And seriously, this convo on sex truly transitioned to bees! I mean is it never too early to talk safe sex, right? Well, I guess since the baby girl will enter middle school in the fall it really is the best time and K thought it best that we give her info instead of friends, Google or Glee.

Maybe I scared her into abstinence or at least set things back a few years. I mean, I just want her to be a fun, perky tween that is concerned with learning the latest songs, smiling and finishing her homework and cleaning up her room. I want books to be her favorite. Sigh

Her reaction to the birds and the bees talk

On an entirely different note, I am working now! Woot! And along with working comes pack lunches. And what better item to add to your desk lunch than something from the Taste Guru box! So, today I tried IPS Chips. Quite tasty but interesting texture. I have a tough time with the crispy air chippy things that aren't rice cakes. For some reason I can understand the rice cake and I accept the texture and enjoy the ranch ones but these egg white chips are a little different but definitely tasty and good with a sandwich. Win, win for Taste Guru! Excited to try the rest of the items from the March box.

The Wearin' of the Green is a Baton Rouge tradition! One of my most favorite holidays and definitely a favorite day in this city. It's like tailgating in the spring and wearing green :) Amazeballs! This year K and I went to the parade. Bash wasn't interested in parading with his mom and Bai was out of town. It was K's first time and though she was hesitant at first, she had an amazing day and was asleep before we made it home late that afternoon. We got in quite a bit of walking, met up with friends, wandered, enjoyed burger salads and some amazing fries and had an all around wonderful time. I intended to meetup with a meetup group but we never actually did. St Patty's Day was a success.

Bailey and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and stopped at the park one day on our way home. I picked her up after school so we could enjoy some Mom and Me time.

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