Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This relationship is rocky....I mean,

I love this blog, blogging in general, but this one, I totes love and all that jazz. Why are there no updates one may ask, ponder, contemplate and search for answers...Well, life is happening and I have just not allotted time to squeeze in blogging. You see, the best time for me to blog is the first portion of my work day but since I am trying to impress my new boss I think that blogging maybe shouldn't happen during that time. SO! That means I need to find my blogging hour. Find it and use it to share my wonderful little world. But evenings are dedicated to all that evening family stuff and watering the plants, feeding the mouths around here and whatnot and for the past three months I've been rehearsing for the 2014 VDay production to benefit STAR and we have our show this Thursday! Which means that I will now get back my Sunday nights! Woot! K and Bai will be happy, Bash has been fine with it this whole time because I make dinner before I leave.

So, where shall we begin catching up...
Work is crazy busy (like all the time) but I am really enjoying it. I love learning something new and it is so energizing to be in an environment fueled by passion and not just for profit. I mean, at the end of the day, owning a business is about the bottom line but there is more and I am so excited that life is celebrated and encouraged and I truly feel like it is a good fit and I am excited about what is to come.

Two weeks ago, we spent our weekend at Don Carter's (known to the young kids as All Star Lanes) and watched Bailey compete in her first State tournament. She bowled singles, doubles and team. She placed first in singles and was pretty stoked. Guess we will be bowling more over the next years.

I also tried making mango lassi  for K and I loved it. It was a little thick so next time I make it I will add more liquid but definitely loved it and will make it again for a treat when I find      some more yummy mangoes.

Tween Life

I am in mad love with these plants. I am growing things. Things you can eat. And it is awesome. Some serious prana happening in my backyard. Ok, maybe not super serious but it is still happening. I love it. It's all because of Tammy. She is the best. She has provided me with tomatoes, kale, bok choy, onions and rosemary.

I am thinking I need some cucumbers or beans! We shall see. I was in awe this evening while watering because it is just so awesome to me that they are growing. Better than growing, thriving. Happy girl!

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