Monday, April 7, 2014

I am a lucky girl

Many times, I look over my shoulder to the left or the right and I think, "damn, I am a lucky girl." I am blessed beyond measure and immensely grateful. At times it is so overwhelming that I seem to feel the gratitude from the tips of my fingers all through my body. My heart feels full and swells with love. 

Tonight I am grateful for freedom and peace. Grateful that we were able to pack a picnic dinner and head over to the park, sit in the gazebo and eat our cold sandwiches. It was such a great dinner. The food was good, sure. It was tuna on Udi's and we had Zevia drinks and rice cakes and fudge brownie squares. Good stuff. But it was serene and peaceful and even in the chaotic silliness that abounds and surrounds with a tween, it was beautiful. Looking to my left, I was K and Bai and the sun setting and the beauty was overwhelming. 

I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude lately that I tell myself I am swimming in gratitude. I can either be drowning in life or swimming in gratitude. I choose swimming. I refuse to sink. 

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