Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My little boy is growing up...and up..

The auditorium was buzzing with joy, gratitude, smiles and laughter, filled with proud and happy moms and ecstatic juniors. Juniors with an excitement that mimicked the eagerness of an eight year old on Christmas morning waiting to find that perfect, coveted gift under the tree. But today, the Class of 2015 was eagerly awaiting the presentation of their class rings. The symbol of their time, dedication and hard work at Baton Rouge Magnet High and the academic excellence that led them there. They hummed with joy and huge smiles as they waited for the parents to stagger into the auditorium and find the perfect seat that allows a visual of your child and also a good angle for a photograph. Sunlight flooded the room and Ms Lopez warned of improper behaviors and instructed that the students walk down the aisle to receive their rings with grace and dignity. All the students did but I secretly hoped one would dance, do a little jig, have fun with it. But they were respectful. It was their moment. Once the rings were distributed, they opened them together. The oohs, ahhs, and gasps were sincere. Every student seemed utterly wowed. It was beautiful. And I was there, a witness, fighting off the tears and oh so proud of my little boy. Proud of all the hard work and diligence. The perseverance and the drive. Deeply proud of the human that he is and eternally grateful for the blessing of being his mom.

My greatest life achievement.
Distributing the rings 
Class of 2015
Recognized for health

Traditional turning of the ring

Put a ring on it 
Class of 2015
Class of 2021
Inspiring big brother and a proud little sister
Stately oaks on campus BRMHS

Absolutely stunning morning. 

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