Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April- No Spending...

At the beginning of the year I set my 2014! Get at it! goals and one was to have a no spending month. As April comes to a close I think my no spending habit will continue in many ways. When you are consciously thinking: is this necessary, is this needed, I will wait, and the like, you realize that many things we spend on are unnecessary. Sure I did go to a movie or two this month and had some meals out, all of which I was treated to. Thank YOU! And I actually did spend on Bailey and Sebastian at the beginning of the month before I realized that it is April and I am not spending. But the other day, I didn't even buy the Easter dye at 90% off because I wanted to keep trucking through my month. I skipped over a few things that the impulse already faded on and I am that much richer and wiser. But a funny thing also happened this month. My credit card number was stolen and I had fraudulent charges on my account, and I was issued a new card. Thus meaning, Netflix and other automatic subscriptions were halted. And since that is frivolous and unnecessary spending, I did not renew. It was made simple in a rather annoying way. But nonetheless, the funds were processed for recovery, reports filed, new card issued and the sun is still shining.

As a nod to no spending, I brought my lunch to work everyday. And the other day when choices at home were slim, I packed cereal and milk in a mason jar. And I enjoyed it, because no additional funds were needed to eat. Using what we have is always the cheaper option.

So... here's to May. I look forward to novel reading. The Namesake will be first and then I plan on heading to the library to pick up another read (free of course).

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