Monday, April 7, 2014


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Tween life is where it’s at! I mean, I am speaking from the perspective of the mom and not the disenfranchised tween; but, I think even my tween will agree that she has it pretty good. At least, she will admit this occasionally during a full heart, clear eyes moment, like last night. She as lying supine on the couch, head propped with a pillow, relaxing in her pajamas before her facial. I applied the mask to her face, then massaged her hands while the product dried and she said that I was the best mom ever. Awww….melt my heart. Love my little diva.

Relax. Keep Calm.
I love when sweet things happen. Like when Bai is playing and then uses her enormous bundle of energy to spread some joy, like picking azaleas and putting them in a vase and placing it on K's side the bed as a surprise.

Random Acts of Kindness: Picking flowers for K
Even big boys need their rest. Bash is one tough cookie. Bailey snapped this picture on Saturday when we arrived back at the house after what seemed like four hours grocery shopping. He was worn out but running a Play Dirty 5k in cool temps under 26 minutes is pretty damn good.
The aftermath of fun, studying and work
I love these kiddos and love that they are finding things that they enjoy doing.

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