Monday, April 7, 2014

If I had a super power....

If I had the ability to choose a super power (ya know, like winning the lottery) I would choose the ability to fly. But not like you are thinking. I just want a forever plane ticket. One that allows me to hop on the next flight to Philly to see Chels or bounce on over to New York and spend the day wandering through Dylan's and Soho shops with J and pop over to Boston and hang with Chloe and talk for hours like we are able to do, no matter how much time lapses between visits, or flying over to Germany and making Martina some peanut butter chocolate blossom cookies (bringing the ingredients since she likes the American kisses and peanut butter) and staying up for hours talking, laughing and crying. I would catch a flight to Cincy and watch Khaliq and take him to the park and the museum and all the fun Auntie stuff around before Krys and I hit up some vintage shops. I would catch the red eye to Los Angeles and spend the day in Riverside with Dani checking out his classes and the music program before soaking up some sun and finding some really awesome food and music to chill. I'd stop in Utah and see Selina and catch up on life. That's what I would want out of my super power, celebrating life and loving. 

If I had the above mentioned power or a black Amex that some else footed the bill on I would purchase airfare whenever needed and I would be able to be the friend fairy and swoop in and spread love, joy and cheer to my friends when a hug and conversation with a home cooked meal is the best prescription around. Or just on any random Wednesday or Sunday Funday. Just because life is to be shared.

Life takes us so many places, the journey is incredible and the company makes it worthwhile. Even in times of solitude, we find joy and courage in our memories. I love making memories. Some memories we believe will repeat and continue and then other memories are captured in print and fossilized into a relic of a past moment. 

Jon, Chelsea and I the night before they moved

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