Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Really Must Make know, that thing that is finite....

Earlier today, this entire post shuffled through my mind and even parts escaped vocally at times (it happens in the car, when I am alone), but something happened this evening and the voice of my post changed. Sure, I was going to gripe a bit about time and all that jazz, say a thing or three about the amazing kids I call my own, and I will still do that, but right now I start with gratitude.

Infinite waves of gratitude. I just spent an hour and a half with my dad and am so grateful. He was a tad grumpy when I arrived, exhausted actually. He was ready to finish his day with an ice cold Budweiser (or two) and some home cooked chicken, maybe even a little pie for dessert, and a few honorary cigarettes for his day of hard work. But arriving home did not signal the end of his work day. He sat with me, grunted through his mail, opening a bill that is higher because of all the medical insurance changes, and then we sifted through half a month's gauges, updated Excel charts (aka Greek to my dad), and then I offered to drive him to the well. The well that he needed to check, set a saltwater pump and then he will be able to drive back to Baton Rouge and settle in for the night before waking at 4:30am to do it all again. I am grateful because he let me cook for him while I was there. He didn't want me to drive him because he knew I wanted to write a blog post. The dinner was nothing spectacular, just seasoned chicken sauteed on the stove. But better than the microwave egg rolls or a little pie he likely would've eaten if I had not made him something. Also am grateful that he works so hard. Sure on the surface, he has to work like that to keep everything going at his desired speed. But honestly, he could pack it all in and live at the camp and off the land but he doesn't because he worries about me, the kids, Adam, Michelle, Forrest, Rachelle, Ma, Aunt Gayle, Shari, and the list goes on. He may be gruff and set in his ways, but he is very honest about that too, and that I respect.

So, tonight I sign off with much gratitude and love.

And, I just killed a 100 squats and am ready for some rest myself.

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