Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gosh it smells like pizza

First things first, it smells like pizza. Why oh why is the heavenly aroma of pizza lingering in the area. This is a bookshop! It is supposed to smell like coffee. Coffee is bad enough but somehow soothing. But pizza! Gosh, now I want a pie. A whole pie. And I'm not even hungry and I can't have snacks much less a whole pizza. Hmm, once I get a job, I am having a whole pizza. Lol I have this Once I get a job.,.. list in my head and it is starting to get very long. Soon, I will simply erase the list and just be ever so grateful to land something.

Okay, now that the pizza is cleared up. Let's get on with it...

Thank you Taste Guru! These little gems rocked my lunch!
So, the Taste Guru box I got in February keeps rocking my world. I am excited to receive the next one but savoring the contents of February as long as possible. Today I broke out the Eat Your Vegetables chips and I must say the heavens parted and my plate relaxed in joy practically hugging these chips. My lovely bagelwhich was no longer the star of the show. These little chips just moved in and took the limelight (window light) and rocked my lunch out.

However, in the big picture (below) you will see that perhaps the chips didn't really overpower the delicious bagelwhich after all but the chips really did make my lunch amazing. And don't forget the hot water, my current addiction.

Everyone loves ponies.

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