Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh yea! Oh yea! Things are happening

First, yesterday was amazing. I had such a lovely day with Bailey. I can't remember when we had such a nice time just us! Loved it.

Started the day checking the well, taking Bai to school, watching the International Program (so amazing! so sad it is her last one! can't believe middle school is right around the corner! she was great!)

Photobombing my phone #tweenlife

The kids did so great. It was lovely. After the festival, I checked Bai out, we went to Trader Joes then met K for lunch. Then we went to Target and had some retail therapy/mommy and me time :), later when we got home she did some IXL, took a bike ride, played with chalk and then went hang at the library before dinner. It was awesome!

This morning I went for a second interview with a promising company. I am hoping the odds are in my favor.

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